The Digital Forensics Association's (DFA) mission is both ambitious and complex.

First, we believe in the importance of education--both for new practitioners and those who are considered experts. The field of digital forensics is one of rapid change as new technology is developed. The DFA hopes to provide educational opportunities by holding classes in local chapters, developing online curriculum, and pairing new members with those who want to give back to the community by mentoring.

Second, the DFA plans to provide networking opportunities for those in the field. Frequently, those performing digital forensics are doing so on small teams or even as sole practitioners in their organization. Connecting with the others in our field can be difficult--while there is no shortage of organizations dedicated to Information Security--the local resources for networking with other forensic examiners are more restricted.

Third, research in the field with other practitioners will benefit the entire community and the DFA wants to provide a place for those who are interested in developing standards, processes and tools to gather and collaborate.

Finally, there are opportunities to volunteer the expertise of a forensic practitioner, and for those who are interested, the DFA plans to provide a way to match the need with the expertise.